Our History


Maranatha Beach Camp was set up by local man, Winfred Dzinado who saw the need to bring educational and economic opportunities to his community. He recognized that many of the village children weren’t attending school, partly as education wasn’t valued in the community or was not affordable and partly due to the walking distance to the nearest school.


In 2005 Winfred started to welcome guests to a small basic beach camp. He was literally a one man operation; collecting guests in his boat, washing all the bed laundry and cooking in the restaurant as well as giving community tours. At the same time he used the profits from the guests to establish a nursery school on the beach. It was a pretty simple operation with the children sitting under palm trees for their lessons. Maranatha Community School was born, but it was the start of a bigger dream. Over the years that one class has expanded into 12 classes and around 170 children, aged 4-15 years, from Winfred’s community and the nearby islands. With the help of international volunteers and a British based organization, Madventurer, there is now a brick school building and toilets. The government supplied four 4 teachers and a headmaster but profits from the Maranatha Beach Camp pay the salaries of seven 7 community teachers and the maintenance and upkeep of the buildings.